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Speaker's Profile

Jean's live and virtual audiences are delighted by the experiences she brings to every speaking engagement.  She gained this experience by owning multiple  businesses, winning sales contests as a State Farm insurance agent and as a senior level business development/sales professional in Healthcare. As a result of her influence in the community, she was asked to host her own radio show, the Jean Poole Hour of Power. Her indelible weekly broadcast, brought an hour of empowering and encouraging content to her audiences. Her audiences range from high school students to more senior age and senior level listeners. Keynote Topics include:


Emotional Intelligence

  • The Link between Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking

  • High Emotion Quotient (EQ) Customer Service 

    • Control your attitude, you will control the environment

  • TNT will eventually Blow UP (Talking aNd Thinking about it)

  • Throw away your “AAA” card – Anger, Aggravation and Agitation

Change Management

  • The Pain of Change - Leading Through Change

  • Free Yourself to be Yourself

  • Don't Let What You Can't Do Get in the Way of What you Can

  • Start where you are...Use what you have...Do what you can


Lessons Learned

  • Why Waste a Perfectly Good Mistake 

  • 3D Stress – Discouragement, Distraction and Doubt, the ties that bind

  • How to Determine the Real Person vs the Representative

  • Changing Lanes on a Busy Highway – Career Management

  • New Supervisor/Manager Training

    • Co-Worker last Night...Boss This Morning


Sales Teams

  • Create Credible Closing Conversations

  • Make a Way, Not Excuses

  • Create Value through Challenge not Confirmation

  • Hard of “Hearing” or Hard of “Listening”

  • Team Synergy – Leading teams that don’t report to you, but are critical to the operation

  • Conflict Resolution strategies – All boats rise with the tide, one hole can sink the boat

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